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15 Ways to Zum-It-Up at Home

Looking for ways to get busy? We've got some ideas! 

1. Mop those floors - Drop a couple tablespoons of Zum Laundry Soap in a bucket and add a gallon of water. Get a mop in on the action and watch your floors become bright as a button.


2. Rejuvenate your bedtime routine - Wash your sheets and blankets in Zum Laundry Soap then top off your sheets and pillows with a spritz (or 10) of Zum Mist.


3. Refresh your gym bag – when’s the last time you cleaned that funkified gym bag, yoga mat, and workout gear? And we mean really cleaned! Wash your bag in ZLS and then use Zum All-Purpose Cleaner to keep bad odors (and bad juju) away.


4. Create an aromatherapy oasis - Take a relaxing soak using our Zum Tub Bath Salts. While you’re at it, do a scrub-a-dub with a Zum Bar, and light a Zum Glow soy candle to set the mood. Go ahead, you deserve it.


5. Give yourself ZIY facial – Step One: Cue up your favorite Enya playlist. Step Two: Zum Gentle Facial Cleanser, Step Three: Zum Face Charcoal Mask, Step Four: Zum Facial Toner, Step Five: Zum Facial Oil. Step Six: Repeat as needed for that just-left-the-spa feeling.


6. Clean out that car - De-Funk your floor mats with ZLS and water. Vacuum, spritz Zum Mist on the seats, and place a Zum Bar Sachet inside. (trust us on that last one, you won’t regret it)


7. Clean out that closet - Purge your closet of any un-needed or un-wanted clothes. While you're at it throw a Zum Sachet in there.


8. Deep clean your kitchen – Use ZLS on the dirty dishes you’ve been neglecting for days, while you binged on all 236 episodes of Friends (that would take about 5 days if you didn’t sleep), and Zum All-Purpose Cleaner on the rest. And we really do mean the rest: counters, cabinets, tables, fridge, walls, microwave… go crazy, we encourage it.


9. Purge under your cabinets - Throw away those expired, un-used & unknown mysterious bottles of liquid. Also re-home any unidentified creatures that may be hiding in there… Out with the old in with the new! We suggest Zum products for the new BTW.


10. Try a YouTube workout or take a walk - Zum Marketing Chick Tayler suggests a 30 Minute Hip-Hop Barre workout.Then rub it where it hurts with Zum Body Balm for muscles. Or skip the exercise and give yourself a good ole rub down just because you’re worth it.


11. Send someone you love a gift - Packed, wrapped, and ready to perform. Send a little (or a lot) of Zum goodness to someone who could use some good vibes right now.


12. Give yourself a manicureZum Body Lotion is the perfect top off to make those hands smoother than ever, since you’ve been washing them every 20 seconds for 20 seconds. Go ahead and slather it on, because you can never have too much of a good thing.


13. Spare a square (of TP) – Stock up your bathrooms with Zum Bum. We know you risked it all for those rolls of toilet paper, make em' last with a spritz of Zum Bum.


14. Gather your peeps – Hear us out, we aren’t talking people here. If you can’t have gatherings of ten friends right now, gather ten of your favorite Zum Bars and breathe in the aromatic ecstasy. And of course, if it makes you feel better go ahead and tape pics of your besties to each one and bring in the popcorn.


15. Party with your plants – Don’t forget about your little green companions. Spend some time checking up on the health of your potted pals, you can tell them how you really feel judgement free.


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