Donation Information

Indigo Wild loves boobs and bitches (or to be more precise, fighting breast cancer and saving pups)! We absolutely love supporting great causes and donating to organizations like Turning Point and Kansas City Sheltie Rescue. We wish it were possible for us to donate our juju to every important cause, great person and raging party, but the honest truth is that we can’t contribute to everyone. However, we would be pleased to consider your donation request if you follow these guidelines:

  • Please allow three to six months lead time for donation requests
  • Please fill out this request form and submit
    • By email to:
      Nancy Lombardino
    • Or in person at:
    • 3125 Wyandotte Street
    • Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Please include tax form
  • Please include a list of your organization’s Board of Directors (if applicable)
    Email and verbal requests for donations will not be considered.

    Thank you for thinking of Indigo Wild and allowing us the opportunity to consider assistance for your organization in making this world a happier place!