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Fragrant Hand Soaps for a Clean Summer | Indigo Wild

Do you change your scented candles, hand soaps or perfumes depending on the season? Those rich, spicy scents warm up autumn and winter, while delicate flowers make you think of spring. Summer scents, on the other hand, can give you a bit of zing or zen, depending on your vibe. Zum hand soaps deliver a summer punch with several natural fragrances that cleanse away dirt while reminding you of a world of scents beyond the walls of your home. Let’s dive into the season with our favorite summer soap scents.

Hand Soaps for the Summer

While we all have favorite scents that calm us or put a smile on our faces (lavender we’re looking at you), it’s always fun to try something new, and what better time than summer? Think of it as a summer vacation as long as it takes you to wash your hands thoroughly, which is at least 20 seconds, right? These three summer soap scents are an easy, fragrant place to start.

Tart and Bright Citrus Soap

Nothing says clean quite like a citrusy scent, and when you think about it, we throw citrus in lots of our summer fun. Cold glasses of lemonade. Lemon slices in iced tea. Lime in an icy gin and tonic. Whatever iteration of citrus you like to cool down on a hot day is just like the aromas of our citrus hand soap scents. Zum Lemongrass Hand Soap is the spirit of a hot citrusy summer. The essential oil scents invigorate you while the filth-fighting plant oils lather away whatever dirt and grime cover your hands.

Fresh and Fragrant Floral Soap

Who has time to spend all day in the garden? You’ve got things to do, including keeping your hands clean. Why not elevate the experience with one of our floral hand soaps? Zum Lavender Hand Soap is a classic floral blend with balsamic undertones, balanced with herbal notes. It’s sweet and summery without being too overpowering. Trust us; you’ll be sniffing your hands for a while after washing them. If you want a more calming presence by the sink, Zum Patchouli Hand Soap never disappoins. It’s a little zen break every time you wash your hands.

Breezy and Fresh Aromatic Soap

What’s more summery than a trip to the shore? We’ve wrapped up the beach vacay and bottled it in Zum Sea Salt Hand Soap. The salty breath of air, hints of warm earthiness, and floral notes of tropical summer blooms take you on a vacation in your own home. You might have chores to do or a busy week of work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape reality every time you wash your hands.

Ready to get your dirty paws clean? Try one of our summery soaps to feel fresh and fragrant throughout the dog days. Check out other natural Zum home products like our soy wax candles, laundry detergent and room mist sprays to keep your summertime smelling sweet.

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