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Another year of good juju and steamy showers has flown by. Seems like just yesterday that Sven and I were clinking glasses and nuzzling F&M-scented beards as the clock struck midnight and the beast of 2014 reared its head ever so majestically.

Tomorrow, we begin anew and commence our journey to self-realization under the pedagogy of a wise old guru. And by that, we mean we’ll probably get Indian takeout and watch The Wire reruns. But hey, every quest begins with a single step.

Tonight is our last chance to get weird in 2014, and what better way to do it than indulging in some beautifully bizarre cocktails? We’re breaking out these unexpected yet delicious elixirs at our NYE party tonight. Here are some easy ways to mix it up Indigo-style.

‘Cause there ain’t no party like an Indigo party, ‘cause an Indigo party don’t stop…and is full of weirdos…but smells so amazing.


  • Bloody Marys are a playground for savory flavor experimentation. Try adding one or more of the following to your hemoglobin-hued juju juice: fresh horseradish pulp, a skewer of fresh mozzarella balls, sriracha…or for the omnivores, a slice of crispy bacon. (If you’re gonna drink bacon one night of the year, tonight is your moment.)
  • Are you a kombucha-holic? It’s a yummy substitute for sours in a cocktail recipe. It doesn’t make the drink healthy, per se, but hey, your party will get just a little more probiotic.
  • Fresh herbs are delicious in pretty much any cocktail, especially those with gin. A sprig of fresh thyme, rosemary, and/or basil is absolutely divine. We also love the combination of lavender and honey with gin…a la the mixology wizardry at Julep and their oh-so-heavenly Garden & Gun cocktail.
  • This goat looooves a good stout float. For a scrumptious grown-up dessert, top a foamy mug of Boulevard Dark Truth Stout with a scoop of Shatto vanilla ice cream. It tastes like every R. Kelly slow jam, in your face, simultaneously. Salted caramel sauce optional…your mind is telling you no, but your body is telling you YEAHHHHHHHH.
  • And of course, if you’ve got a serious boozy sweet tooth, you better go big or go home. We’re talking dulce de leche ice cream, Rumchata, and coconut milk in the blender. Yep. Just let it happen. (This may or may not be a certain Indigo Wild blogger’s favorite dessert for when she is, erm, hormonally compromised.)

Any other ideas? We wanna hear ‘em! Dish in the comments or post ‘em to our Facebook page. Have fun tonight, loveys, and stay safe. Sven and I are advocates of both cocktail creativity AND calling a cab when you’ve gotten a little too Indigo Wild.