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Zum Distribution Deets!

Cozy, isn't it? Take a look around. You'll find plenty of tools at your phalange-tips.

Feel free to copy, print, pilfer and purloin from any of the tips, tricks, and info sheets. Can’t find something you need? Contact us at 800.361.5686.

Here are some quick tips to merchandise & sell Zum.

1. The signature cocktail we've served for years is the Zum Bar. The #1 seller that's a gateway to the rest of Zum.

2. Highlight Frankincense & Myrrh. It's the timeless mojo master that people order again and again.

3. Display and sell the Top Seller Smellers. Check out the best-selling karma drivers on the sell sheet below.

4. Tester stickers increase sales by letting people sniff those whiffs before taking them home. Ask us for more stickers on your next order!

5. Keep smaller products on top shelves and heavier ones on the bottom of your Zum Display.

6. Purple 6 Bar Boxes are an easy and nice-looking way to keep a 6-pack of Zum Bars looking cool.

7. Give your display Zum juju and personality. Add a tattooed Goat Statue to the mix and watch customers chew up time marveling at our milk-producing mascot.

8. Nobody wants to get clean with a dirty Zum Bar, so keep your display and products neat and dust-free.

So...that about does it. Looks like you've got some clicking to do...now for that awkward part where we don't talk, but just wait patiently for you to take the tour...

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