Envelop your senses and satisfy your skin with the nutty-sweet fragrance of almond. Whichever way you like it — in Zum Goat’s Milk Soap, Rub, Body Lotion or Soy Candle — its aromatic aura transports your spirit to a land of deep, rich creaminess and candy delight.

You really can’t miss when you start out with the goodness of goat’s milk, which adds the bass notes of fortifying healthy fats, Vitamin A and other moisture-balancing ingredients. The melodic high notes of shea butter; botanical extracts like aloe vera, carrot and hibiscus; Vitamin E; and oils from meadowfoam seed, olive, coconut, sunflower and grapeseed, are other, not-so-secret but oh-so-wholesome ingredients in these succulent potions.

What you won’t find in any of these luscious almond goodies is parabens, petroleum byproducts, phthalates or propylene glycol. Thank heavens — what a relief! (Your entire body agrees.)

Once you try Zum Almond, you will discover a new love. And as usually happens, love will turn into wanting, and wanting into daily craving. 

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