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Winter Skin Care Survival Guide

  • You’ve heard this nag a zillion times, but chug that water. Because it’s true! A well-hydrated body is a healthy one, and you lose more moisture when you breathe cold, dry air. If you’re having trouble keeping up on your H2O game, invest in a BPA-free water bottle that you can tote and refill anywhere. Zum like it hot, so cozy up to herbal tea for another hydration option.
  • Your skin is as thirsty as your body, so no matter what your skin type…moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Always end your cleansing routine with an all-natural hydrating treatment to protect skin, especially in the midst of harsh winter vibes. Gentle oils like argan, sea buckthorn, or jojoba are like armor for your skin: providing the deep conditioning you need without clogging pores or leaving a greasy film.
  • Joggers and dog walkers, you don’t have to fear the freeze. Treat cheeks and lips with Zum Rub before you go out in the bitter cold to protect that pretty face from windburn.
  • And speaking of our super-salve, Zum Rub is gonna be your BFF all winter. It’s also perfect for those yucky cracked knuckles and cuticles, or wherever your skin needs it moist. All you gotta do is rub. Hence the name…we kinda idiot-proofed it.
  • Chow down on seasonal superfoods for skin. Keep your skin glowing even when it’s snowing, because some of the yummiest vitamin-rich produce is abundant during wintertime. Squash, pumpkins, kale, sweet potatoes, parsnips, pomegranates, dates, Brussels sprouts, and even grapefruits are in season right now. So stock up on local goodies and eat your way to amazing skin.
  • Exfoliate…gently! Slough off dead skin and lock in moisture with all-natural scrubs for face and body. Think biodegradable exfoliation agents like ground walnuts, organic cane sugar, or sea salt, suspended in yummy oils that are oh-so-delicate but purge those pores like a boss. It’s deep penetration without the irritation. (Heh heh heh.)
  • Get some safe sunlight. It can be tough to get enough Vitamin D during the winter months, so try to get at least 15 minutes outside each day. However, it’s still really important to keep your skin protected from those UV rays. Especially if you’re out in bright white snow!
  • Dark undereye circles are no fun…and do you seem to get zits like clockwork when you’ve had a week of crappy sleep? Your skin is begging you to catch some Z’s, please. Nightly recovery time is so important and your skin can’t function properly without it. Try spritzing your pillowcase and sheets with Frankincense-Lavender Zum Mist as a right-before-bed routine. You’ll be drifting off into dreamland in no time.
  • Deal with stress strategically. Sniffle season + your busy butt = a recipe for stress. It makes us more susceptible to not only illness, but complexion flare-ups too. Take the time for a bath, a massage, or a good sweaty hot yoga sesh. Just one hour of self-care goes a looooong way.
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