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So What Are We Made Of, Anyway?

So What Are We Made Of, Anyway?

Well, the people that work here are made of roughly 60% water, 15% good vibes, 12% passion, 10% positive juju, and 3% sparkling wine. Oh, wait a wanted to know what our products are made of? Sure, that makes more sense.

Everything we whip up in our ol'factory factory is made of the best smelling, hardest working, most natural ingredients Mother Nature created. If you've got a degree in biochemical engineering, take your resume and go put it to use somewhere else. We have no Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Triclosan, or any of that other nasty stuff you might find in other soaps, lotions, face products, and laboratory test tubes.

And speaking of our factory, it's not really a factory. Well, not in the traditional smokestacks-billowing-raunchified-byproduct-into-the-air sense. Our factory is a simple three story building in midtown Kansas City that's full of dogs and puts off a perfectly perfume-y aroma that you can smell well before you set foot inside. Everything we make is blended, mixed, and packaged in this building - from every hand-poured, hand-cut Zum Bar, to our essential oils, to our chemical-free laundry soaps. Plus, our products are never tested on animals. BOOM!

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