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Ten Things To Do With Your Zum Bar End Cuts

1. Use one as a makeshift door on your Barbie Dream House.

2. Wash your mouth out after shouting the seven words you can never say on television while sitting on Santa's lap.

3. Drag one along a window sill to keep ants at bay.

4. Put them in drawers, closets, or cars to keep away musty smells.

5. Take a bath in a stream and feel good knowing you're not harming the fishies.

6. Leave some for Santa in lieu of cookies.

7. Put one in your golf bag to clean your balls.

8. Leave them in your guest room for your in-laws coming for the holidays.

9. Use one to write, "I love you, I love you, and I don't care who knows it!"

10. Rub one along the sides of sticky drawers to help them glide smoothly.

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