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Soap Story

Well when one Zum Bar loves another Zum Bar....just kidding....

Knock, knock. Oooohs there. Open your shower doors of perception to see how oh-so-smellacious Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soaps are made. The best natural high since the birds discovered the bees. A fresh start feels good. Squeaky clean, smooth-sheened skin feels good. 

Blend it:

Our steps don't leave any footprints. We handpick the most natural skingredients without bouncing this big blue ball we call earth. Our natural ingredients are certifiable, and we might be certifiably nuts for going to such extrememes (or for wearing our underwear on the outside). Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soaps make amends with your skin and ask forgiveness of past sins. Redemption comes from the Hail Mary of goat's milk. Goat's milk pH is your skin's twinkie. Since you're twins, you finish each other's sentences and share clothes. More importantly, goat's milk doesn't leave your skin feeling too dry or too oily. All is just right. Of course, you'll also feel the contact high of sumptious oils, naturally occurring glycerin, and 100% pure essential oils. Ready to say high?

Mix it: 

We mix goat's milk, food grade olive, coconut, palm and castor oils and 100% pure essential oils using the cold-process method. This maintains the integrity of the ingredients. Saponification happens and produces super-moisturizing glycerin as a by-product. Big soap companies remove it and sell it for extra profit. Not us. (It's called glycerin, not glycerout.)

Swirl it:

After we've mixed together all these goodies, we pour the liquid ingredients together into a wooden frame about the size of a DJ mixing board. We then mix in mineral pigments, herbs, sea salts, coffee grounds and more, create our signature swirlies, and add our not-so-secret secret ingredient of mojo.

Cut it & Label It:

Finally, we make a Bhudda call. We say ohm and bless our Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap mixture, whisper supportive, nurturing affirmations and teach it to condition skin unconditionally. After a few days, it hardens into a Zum Slab, which begets Zum Bricks, which begets Zum Bars - all of which you should totally be getting. We handlabel it, handpick it, and handpack it so it can arrive safely into your hands and shower. 



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