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Rubbed the Right Way


  1. Shave saver. Does shaving irritate and annoy your skin? Rub some Rub after you de-hair…for legs, pits, face, and even down there. It’ll be much more pleasant than Kevin’s aftershave incident from Home Alone. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  2. No-chafe failsafe. Cycling’s super fun, but chafing, not so much. Rub’ll nip that in the butt….BUD! We meant bud.
  3. Manicure magician. Hangnails and ragged cuticles don’t stand a chance when you add Rub to your manicure regimen.
  4. Windchill wizard. If you refuse to let bitter wind chills stop you from jogging or taking the pooch around the block, protect exposed skin with Rub. You’re crazy but we still love ya!
  5. Pint-sized protegé. Wee Rub’s made especially to protect your baby’s cute li’l keister. And Lullaby Lavender smells so sweet, grown-ups will want in on the juju, too.
  6. Man’s best friend’s best friend. Speaking of Rub for babies…your dog is your baby too, and you can massage Fido’s dry cracked paw pads with Rub. Sheesh, what a spoiled mutt.
  7. Gym bag swag. Our Zum Rub for Muscles contains menthol, a superstar soother that’s naturally derived from peppermint. It cools your buff stuff after tough workouts. So go ahead, play dirty.
  8. Take it all off, baby. Zum Rub can’t remove last night’s bad decisions, but it can remove your makeup…while leaving your dignity intact. Bingo!
  9. A cut above the rest. Protect cuts and scratches by rubbing on…you guessed it…expired mayonnaise. KIDDING! Zum Rub, duh.
  10. Good juju for your ‘do. Why spend gazillions on frou-frou hair products when you can pat down frizzies and flyaways with a tiny touch of Rub?
  11. Good thinkin’ for inkin’. Freshly tatted? Rub’s gentle enough to protect your new ink.
  12. Backwoods beautician. Treat the poison ivy blues with Rub’s soothing power. An essential for any camping trip.
  13. Novel navel navigator. Okay, this sounds kooky, but one anonymous Zum blogger swears by it: dab a little Rub on a cotton swab and clean out your belly button lint. Better for innies than outies, but it’ll change your life, we promise you.
  14. Sayonara to scars. When applied regularly, Rub’s a superstar for helping to reduce the severity of scars.
  15. Eyebrow ‘wow’ factor. A little smear of Rub gives freshly tweezed brows a polished, structured look. Eat your heart out, Brooke Shields.
  16. Vacation salvation. Rockin’ the lobster look after a day in the rays? Rub will help soothe the burn after soaking up too much sun.
  17. Tootsie treatment. Cracked heels and toes get a fresh new glow when you treat your feet to a dollop of Rub.
  18. The-bomb cleansing balm. Cleansing balms are all the rage, but there’s no need to spend $80 or more on a paraffin-based product when Rub saves the day the all-natural way
  19. Purse panacea. If you haven’t noticed already, Rub’s ideal for just about anywhere you need it moist. Which means it’s perfect for tossing in your bag and running out the door. Pure natural genius.
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