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Our Boy, Pollock

It’s no secret that we’re a supporter of the arts. We count musicians, artists, writers, poets, and more among our ranks, and we love seeing the amazing things they create. Support your local rock band, baby!

In addition to our homegrown talent, we also love geeking out over works of art by other artists, like Marc Chagall’s trippy goat paintings, or the masculine nudes done by our boy Michelangelo (we’re not talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle). One artist who really catches our eye is none other than Jackson Pollock, the Ab-Ex (that’s abstract expressionist) badass who took the art world by storm in the 40s and 50s. Pollock’s unique style of drip painting was completely original and unrivaled at the time, and is still an influence on more contemporary art today (despite what your know-it-all art school ex-boyfriend might say). Pollock’s drips were completely random, and often included detritus from his studio floor (think cigarette butts, nails, gum wrappers, etc.) We adore his unorthodox approach to painting, and think that the tops of our Zum Bars even have a little bit of Pollock in them as well. And, like Pollock, we also enjoy unexpected yet still totally awesome results in our work.Peep a few of his paintings below. It’ll make you look at your Zum Bars in a whole different light. Scroll all the way down to see our homage to Pollock.

“Lavender Mist no. 1, 1950” (1950)
“Full Fathom Five”, 1947
“White Light” 1954
Pollock homage No. 1, 2015 – By Zum Saponifologist, Ryan Riggs
Pollock homage No. 69, 2015 – By Zum Saponifologist, Ryan Riggs
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