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Milky Milky Riiiight. Why Goat's Milk?

Many a Zum Lovey ask us, “Hey you...Indigo Wild...when it comes to your Zum Bars and Zum Rubs, why do you milk goats for their goat’s milky goodness?" First off, we don't actually milk the goats ourselves. As you can see, Talara has her hands no where near that goat's udders. Second, sure there are lots of lovely milkable creatures that would jump at the chance to have their milk featured in our products – mongooses, wombats, dingos, Annie...the list goes on. Truth is, goat’s milk is probably the absolute best mix of "good for you" and "good for nature."

• Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. Since it's already homogenized, there's naturally a more even distribution of fat globules. This makes for a better base moisturizer that’s easy to work with and mixes smoothly with our all-natural essential oil blends.

• Goat’s milk has a pH level that's as near to skin as a pair of faux leather pants. Goat’s milk's pH is pHat because of capric, caprylic, capronic acids (the big "C's" we call 'em) and the natural triglycerides. Since the pH is so freakin' close, it helps moisturize while maintaining the balance of skin. Many soaps leave skin feeling too oily or too dry. Left too oily and pores get clogged. Left too dry and skin overcompensates and overproduces oils. Goat’s milk...aha...goat’s milk, though, doesn't upset the protective shield that skin’s oil glands produce.

• Goat’s milk offers an alphabet soup of vitamins. With its restorative vitamins, minerals and proteins, goat's milk soap simply maintains the balance. And no worries for people who have allergies to usual dairy products or sensitive skin.

Three letters: W-O-W. This could be more than you ever wanted to know about goat’s milk, but we think the point is worth milking.

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