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Lest We Forget the Power of Soy


Soy oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. As we all know, soy comes from the soybean. But to call it simply a bean would be like calling Ru Paul simply a woman or the sun simply a flaming ball of gas.

The soybean is more. And, for us, more means soy wax. More means soy candles. More means Zum Glows that burn cooler, cleaner and longer because of their soy wax base.

But that, dear friends, is just the tip of the lead-free wick.

Where’s a chalkboard when you need one?

#1 – Okay, let’s not kid ourselves, the soybean IS a magical fruit. It’s one of nature’s most versatile inventions. Beyond food and beauty products, the soybean gives us Zum Glows that are non-toxic, biodegradable and – we don’t recommend acquiring the taste – even edible. Soybeans make for soy wax candles that leave no soot marks around the home and no carcinogens to breathe.

#2 – Soy wax keeps its cool. Cool begets cleaner, cool begets longer. The result is a candle to enjoy over a crazy-long period of time. 30 straight hours in fact.

#3 – Soy wax lives an alternative lifestyle. It’s a double agent, providing moisturizing properties on the side. Simply blow out your Zum Glow and dab a little wherever it’s a little dry. Try that with paraffin wax – well, don’t try that. It’s a bad, bad, bad idea.

So ya hip Skip? Got all that Jack? If you never look at soy the same way again, we’ve done our job. Hope you took good notes. Much of this will be on the final.

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