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Get Real

Have you looked at your face in the mirror lately? Like, really looked at it? Well, it’s amazing, and we’re not just sweet-talkin’. (Though you do look great today, in all seriousness.)

It’s time to get real and face the facts about your face.

The layer of oil that the beauty industry’s told you is gross and harmful and needs to be dried out and smothered with a zillion different harsh, irritating chemical cocktails? It’s called sebum and it’s your skin’s natural protective barrier. Strip it away and there’s hell to pay, skincare-wise.

Those wrinkles that you’ve been instructed to drown with bank-busting “anti-aging” goops and gunks? They’re little wearable souvenirs from your life story, which we think is pretty damn cool. And, surprise, there’s no such thing as “anti-aging”…unless NASA’s tackled time travel already, in which case, nobody told us.

We believe that being truly “beautiful” means being happily healthy. Life is messy, but you can control these “goods”: good food, good exercise, good sleep, and good pals. Oh, and you should probably drink some water, too. Beyond that? Your body is badass, and when things do go awry, it can do so many incredible things to keep itself running. Now that’s sexy.

So this is our beauty philosophy. As in, we don’t have one! No airbrushes, no photoshopping, no synthetic ingredients, no phony baloney…but more than anything, no worries.

Because you should enjoy your precious time by taking care of yourself and the people and pets that you love…not worrying about meeting some arbitrary beauty standard and buying a bunch of products loaded with suspicious ingredients you don’t need. Ugh, just reading that is exhausting.

When you feel great, you look great. You’ve heard it a zillion times, but it’s true!

We’ve pared down your skincare routine to the best basics we could round up, ‘cause this stuff shouldn’t be hard. Example Z: our Zum Face line, featuring the highest quality selection of plant-based ingredients. We made it with love and simplicity in mind. Think all-natural care for skin that’s naturally brilliant, just by design.
Bill and Ted got it so right. Be excellent to each other…and be excellent to yourself, too! Don’t forget to have lots of fun doing it.

Take care, dearest lovey. We can’t wait to wash that beautiful face.

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