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Ten Ways To Use Zum Clean Laundry Soap

Zum Clean Laundry Soap (ZCLS) is a miracle in a bottle. Here are ten not-so-ordinary ways to use your not-so-ordinary laundry soap.

1. Drop a couple tablespoons in a bucket and add a gallon of water. Get a mop in on the action and watch your floors become flawless.

2. Wash Your Unmentionables - ZCLS is very gentle and perfect for your delicates because it's a soap (not a detergent!) made with baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils. Not applicable if you go commando.

3. Find your inner Zum Mixologist and mix two or more ZCLS whiffs together for your own signature whiff.

4. CYBFF - Clean Your Best Furry Friend. Yes, our ZCLS is pet-friendly. And that cute little dress you bought for Lucy last spring? ZCLS is safe to wash that too.

5. Spot Clean - Apply a small amount of ZCLS to those mysterious dirty spots with a cloth.

6. Give Your Dishes A Handjob - Use ZCLS to wash your dirty dishes in the sink. Yep, people used to do this every day before dishwashers.

7. Rid The Stank - Mix one tablespoon of ZCLS in a bottle with water for a non-stankass fabric freshener.

8. DIY Steam Facial - Mix one tablespoon of ZCLS with steaming hot water, then without getting too close, hold your head over the steam. Bonus: Eucalyptus-Citrus is great for clearing congestion!

9. De-Funk Your Mats - Shower your car floor mats with ZCLS and water.

10. Do the deed and wash your duds, of course. It’ll do anything from lace to pleather to unmentionables to butt-less jeans.