Ten Ways To Use Zum Clean Laundry Soap

Zum Clean Laundry Soap (ZCLS) is a miracle in a bottle. Here are ten not-so-ordinary ways to use your not-so-ordinary laundry soap.

1. They Do Floors - Add a half cup of your favorite ZCLS and a half cup of vinegar to three gallons of water and mop away.

2. Wash Your Unmentionables - ZCLS is very gentle and perfect for your delicates because it's a soap (not a detergent!) made with baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils. Not applicable if you go commando.

3. Make Up With Your Makeup Brushes - Use a tiny bit of ZCLS with water to clean your makeup brushes. ZCLS' natural ingredients won't cause irritation to that pretty face of yours.

4. CYBFF - Clean Your Best Furry Friend. Yes, our ZCLS is pet-friendly. And that cute little dress you bought for Lucy last spring? ZCLS is safe to wash that too.

5. Spot Clean - Apply a small amount of ZCLS to those mysterious dirty spots with a cloth.

6. Give Your Dishes A Handjob - Use ZCLS to wash your dirty dishes in the sink. Yep, people used to do this every day before dishwashers.

7. Rid The Stank - Mix one tablespoon of ZCLS in a bottle with water for a non-stankass fabric freshener.

8. DIY Steam Facial - Mix one tablespoon of ZCLS with steaming hot water, then without getting too close, hold your head over the steam. Bonus: Eucalyptus-Citrus is great for clearing congestion!

9. De-Funk Your Mats - Shower your car floor mats with ZCLS and water.

10. Love your load, clean your clothes.