10 Ways To Use Zum Mist

How can you use Zum Mist? Let us count the ways.

1. Freshen up from noggin to nitzles.

2. Give your partner an aromatherapy dutch oven.

3. Turn your hot shower into an aromatherapy shower.

4. Spray your pillow and sheets before bedtime for sweet dreams.

5. Turn your work cubicle into a day spa.

6. Pretend to sneeze on the necks of strangers, then say, "I aromatherapy'ed on you."

7. Give your gym bag a mini makeover.

8. Follow around Troy after he's eaten Go-Chicken-Go. God, please.

9. Skip the fake car fresheners and put Zum Mist in the driver's seat.

10. Reinforce your personal aura forcefield.