Each blend is made for lathering up with soft, gentle suds and locking in moisture. Natural plant oils like olive, coconut, and castor carry next-level hydration while prickly pear seed oil brings a natural boost of vitamin E. Essential oils top things off to keep the aroma-party going long after you step out of the shower.



Zum All-Purpose Cleaner tackles messes and leaves surfaces pristine with the power of plants. Alcohol, coconut oil, and essential oils take center stage to clean naturally without ammonia, bleach, or artificial acids. From kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, tables, and more, when we say all-purpose, we mean it.

Amp Up Your Ordinary


Natural Plant Oils

Natural Plant Oils

Olive, coconut and castor oils carry next-level hydration.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Helps to lock in hydration, bringing an extra boost of vitamin E.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Leave your skin lingering with after-shower aromas.

the perfect aromas



Zum Lab Body Wash is made with plant-packed ingredients like natural plant oils and vitamin E that cleanse and moisturize your skin. Scented with unique essential oil blends, you’ll look forward to your next shower-sesh when these suds are involved. Free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and phthalates, you can feel good and smell even better when it comes to this lather.

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Dont Take Our Word For It.

"Just tried the new Frankincense & Myrrh Body Wash for the first time. I love it. It leaves your whole body feeling moisturized, soft, and smelling great. My wife gave the thumbs up also. Thank you for making this. You guys are a class act!"

- Zum Lovey David

“This body wash feels really great on your skin. The smell is amazing!! My whole bathroom, and the rooms nearby, filled with the scent!! Definitely a keeper item!”

- Zum Lovey DJ

“I love the intensity of the scent, and of course the scent itself! My skin is not nearly as dry and I like the lingering sent after the shower. The size could be a little bigger, but overall extremely pleased!”

- Zum Lovey Sara

“I am Zum fan of many years, and I never get tired of all the new Zum Lab items!! I am a HUGE patchouli fan so I am now ADDICTED to this bath gel!! It's da bomb!!! I WILL be getting more!! Soon!!!”

- Zum Lovey Rachel

"The Zum Body Washes are great, maybe a little thin, but I don't mind as they do lather nicely. And they smell great. I personally wouldn't change anything, honestly, but I would introduce more scents. I really love them!”

- Zum Lovey Dewey