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Zum Clean 10 Ways



Zum Clean Laundry Soap is a miracle in a bottle. Here are 10 not-so-ordinary ways you can use your not-so-ordinary laundry soap.


1) We Do Floors - add 1/2 cup of your favorite ZCLS and 1/2 cup of vinegar to three gallons of water and mop away.


2) Wash Your Unmentionables - ZCLS is very gentle and perfect for your delicates. Not applicable if you go commando.


3) Make Up With Your Make-up Brushes - use a tiny bit of ZCLS with water to clean your make-up brushes.


4) CYBFF - clean your best furry friend.


5) Spot Clean - apply a small amount of ZCLS to those mysterious dirty spots.


6) Give Your Dishes A Handjob - use ZCLS to wash your dirty dishes in the sink.


7) Rid The Stank - mix 1 tbsp of ZCLS in a bottle with water for a non-stankass Febreeze type fabric freshener.


8) DIY Steam Facial - mix 1 tbsp of ZCLS with steaming hot water, then hold your head over the steam. (BONUS - Eucalyptus-Citrus is great for clearing congestion).


9) De-Funk Your Mats - shower your car floor mats with ZCLS and water.


10) Love your load, clean your clothes.

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