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Up Your Shower Game

Shower time: it’s the moment when we’re finally alone, reconnecting with our bodies, washing off the literal and figurative dirt of the day.

Self-care is an investment we make so that we can be our best for the people we love. And long hot showers are the definition of “treat yourself.”

That’s why you should never feel guilty about taking some time to indulge. We firmly believe that every bathroom should be decked out like a 5-star spa with the highest quality natural ingredients, ‘cause this is your time to recharge and be your best “you.”

Seriously, sappy stuff aside: you deserve these Wild whiffs. Never let a shower go to waste.

An amazing shower is like an amazing recipe. Imagine lighting your favorite Zum Glow candle and then turning that faucet; that little creak! of glory as the hot water streams out.

When it’s juuust the right temperature, you step in and feel the initial stream of warmth, like a summer rainfall. You let the water saturate your hair and trickle down your face. Then it’s Zum Bar time. Which aromatic adventure will you pursue today…grounding Patchouli, energizing Sea Salt, soothing Lavender, blissful Almond, invigorating Frankincense & Myrrh? So many scents, but stress not. There’s plenty of time to try them all.

You chase your lather with a handful of Zum Scrub, feeling the nourishing oil and salty exfoliation sensations all over your skin. And man, does it feel good to scrub your butt cheeks with it. (That wasn’t very zen, but seriously, you gotta try it.)

Mustering up the courage to turn off the faucet, you step out and bundle up in your favorite plush towel you sprayed with Zum Mist, but it’s not over yet. You rub in your favorite flavor of Zum Body lotion, taking the time to massage and nourish your skin. You treat your pretty mug to the Zum Face regimen, and encore the shower show with spritzes of Zum Mist all over your bod.

Behold, a healthy, rejuvenated, radiant you. Who also smells totally awesome.

It just comes natural, after all.

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