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Why, hello there, stranger. Yes, it’s really me – Zum Wash, your luscious liquid lover.

I’m here with a sleek new figure and label to match. I thought I’d give myself a little makeover, and I think I look pretty good, don’t I? Curvy and bright and kinda in-your-face: I’m a little bit Koons, a whole lotta captivating. Resistance is futile.

I see you’ve noticed I come in a new scent, too. The energizing, intoxicating citrus swirls of Sea Salt make for one hot honeymoon of a lather. Aloha, indeed.

And worry not, darling, I’m still made of the same ingredients you fell in love with that first time we met in the tub. My saponified oils of coconut, olive, castor, and jojoba cleanse and condition your bod the all-natural way, while my pure essential oils satisfy your sniffer. I’ll never betray you with synthetics, parabens, sulfates, detergents, or triclosan, because even though I’ve got a new look, artificial will never be my style.

New duds, same suds.

Have me any way you want me – I’m ready to go by the sink or in the shower whenever you want to get wet.

Meet me at bathtime, ya filthy animal.

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