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Meet Amber

Sweet, resinous, a little promiscuous...






Sweet, resinous, a little promiscuous in the best way – A Zum Lovey obsession in the Zum Lab, so naturally, we couldn’t wait for Amber Zum Bar Soap, Zum Mist Aromatherapy Spray, and Zum Glow Soy Candle to become part of the Zum Family! Concupiscent Amber offers unexpected hints of bergamot for a citrusy spice alongside a touch of lavender. So sultry it's illicit.


Wondering how Amber Zum came about? It didn’t happen overnight. Years ago in the Neolithic period, ambergris was collected from whale bile and used to make the coveted scent of amber. Fortunately, we’ve crafted a plant-packed alternative that brings sweet, sweet vibes your way.


Zum Founder Emily Voth, along with the help of long time Zummers Annie and Elizabeth, based our Amber blend on the whiffable notes of ambergris with a plant-based take and essential oils. Perfecting this aromatic blend took 19 different essential oil combinations before landing on the mysterious and luxurious Amber here today. Proving great whiffs take time, and maybe an expert nose…or three!


Undressing Amber:

Keynotes of vetiver and patchouli pair together for grounding energy.

Lavender adds a poetic accent to the sultry sweetness.

The subtlety of cedar and bergamot finish off the majestic setting of the Amber sun.

Slightly sweet, mildly oaky, largely Amber now.

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