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Zum Clean Laundry Soap

Many people go straight to the Big Detergent brand names when they need their cleaning fix. Unfortunately, they have no idea how nasty those products really are for your clothes and your largest organ… your skin! Turns out, your clothes are generally worse off after being washed with laundry detergent than they were before, and we ain’t tryin’ to spread dirty little secrets. Here’s why:


Big detergents contain numerous ruler-on-the-back-of-your-hand deserving words like: Phosphates which are used in products like toothpaste and fertilizer, then released into the environment creating an unbalanced ecosystem. Sorry Mother Nature! Petroleum distillates which can be absorbed from clothing into your skin or the surrounding air. Often, linked to health risks like cancer and lung damage. Thank u, next. Parabens which are used as preservatives that are, might we add, man-made to cheaply extend shelf life. As well as, Sodium lauryl sulfate which is used to degrease car engines. AND as if that statement alone isn’t enough, this can also cause different variations of skin irritation, even drying out the oils your skin produces and knows it needs. Yuck!!


We could go on and on and on…but we think that’s enough for now.


We thought we would lighten up the mood & give you a little zumspiration on shenanigans you can do with our ZCLS, as well as some reasons why it is what all the cool kids are doing these days. All so that next time you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to how you treat your clothing, your rockin’ bod and our BFF, Mother Nature.


We met one-on-one with Mother Nature herself and came up with zum tips & tricks on how you should use our laundry SOAP:

  • Wash Your Unmentionables - ZCLS is very gentle and perfect for your delicates because it is a soap (not a detergent!) made with baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils to keep your clothes feeling zuper soft. Not applicable if you go commando.
  • Rid The Stank - Mix one tablespoon of ZCLS in a bottle with water for a non-stankass fabric freshener. Our super hero- Baking Soda, can help you ghost that weird stench no nose wants to sniff.
  • Spot Cleaning in a breeze - Apply a small amount of ZCLS to those mysterious dirty spots with a cloth and get em’ gone.  Using ingredients like vegetable glycerin to cling to dirt and remove those pesky stains that remind you of that clingy ex you couldn’t get rid of.
  • Make Up With Your Makeup Brushes - Use a tiny bit of ZCLS with water to clean your makeup brushes. ZCLS' natural ingredients won't cause irritation to that pretty face of yours.
  • They Do Floors - Add a half cup of your favorite ZCLS and a half cup of vinegar to three gallons of water and mop away. And don’t you worry about our BFF, Mother Nature, ZCLS ditches contamination of our lovely homes, on this bootiful earth, in the dirt.
  • CYBFF - Clean Your Best Furry Friend. Yes, our ZCLS is pet-friendly. And that cute little dress you bought for Lucy last spring? ZCLS is safe to wash that too.
  • DIY Steam Facial - Mix one tablespoon of ZCLS with steaming hot water, then without getting too close, hold your head over the steam. Bonus tip: Eucalyptus-Citrus is great for clearing congestion!
  • Give Your Dishes A Handjob - Use ZCLS to wash your dirty dishes in the sink. Yep, people used to do this every day before dishwashers.
  • De-Funk Your Mats - Shower your car floor mats with ZCLS and water, for cleanliness and supa-dupa good smells. Take a big whiff Fannie, take a whiff for free.


By what you’ve just learned, I’m sure you’re feeling a little irked, a tad bit resourceful, and even more antsy to go out and score yourself zum handmade, healthy, clean-conscience laundry SOAP. Love your load, and clean your clothes! Go get ‘em, tiger!

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