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Zum Factory Fun Facts

1. Our Zum Bar Soap maker Charley has worked at the factory for more than half his life. 18 years later and he's still mixin' up those Zum Bars you love so much.  

2. Dogs are always allowed at the Factory! In fact, we even have a dog run outside for your furry friend to enjoy. 

3. The hour and a half after lunch at 3125 is reserved for getting allll the things done. We call this time LMTFAT, aka Leave Me The F%&@ Alone Time™.

4. All meetings conducted in the Factory take place in a very special room we like to call the Masturbatorium.

 5. Originally the building at 3125 was an Ice House.

6. Each parking spot in front of our retail space is name after an Essential Oil, we prefer the Patchouli one.

7. The most common phrase you'll hear day in and day out at the factory is: It smells so good in here. We agree!


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