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Something's Hot on Wyandotte

You came, you sniffed, you conquered. And now, you’ll get the epic whiffs you’ve asked for.

3125 Zum is an aromatic experience you can’t get anywhere else in the entire world…because 3125 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, Missouri is like nowhere else on this whole stinkin’ planet.

For years, Zum loveys have requested we make products that smell like our Crossroads chi factory. You can sniff on the herbaceous bodaciousness of our soap studio before you even step through the silver goat door.
Remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the kids first experience that big candy dream world? Our factory is like that, but for your nose. And minus the creepy Oompa Loompas.

Lilting lavender dances with dusky patchouli, while warm woodsy frankincense flirts with zesty lemongrass squirts. Almond’s yummy and oh-so-sweet…then cedarwood turns up some smoky heat. Sea salt and sandalwood bring the beachy-clean, while spicy clove and anise set a sultry scene. And then some.

In other words, prepare for nostril nirvana.

Yep, it’s completely over-the-top and crazy. Guilty as charged. But give it one sniff and try to resist.

Quite honestly, it’s just impossible to fully describe 3125’s vibes. It smells like creativity, belly laughs, booty-rockin’ beats, sloppy smooches, and high fives. ‘Cause that’s what Zum is all about. Ya might say it just comes natural.

3125 is an aromatic olfactory scentsation worthy of the sudsiest celebration. So get your filthy paws on this one-of-a-kind line…available in Zum Bar, Mist, and Wash.

Never been to the factory? Here’s a little peak behind our shower curtain.


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