Aromatherapy Gift Sets from Indigo Wild help you give the gift of good scents. Whether it’s for a housewarming, new baby, birthday or any other occasion, make it smell sweeter with any of these Zum aromatherapy gifts.

The Nose Knows

If you already know your aromatherapy fanatic friend’s favorite flavor of bliss, give them a Big Whiff Gift Set. They’ll love the mountain of goodies we’ve included in these generous aromatherapy gifts. Choose mystical Frankincense and Myrrh for intense olfactory intoxication, Sea Salt for an ocean of freshness, Lavender to let cooler heads prevail, or Patchouli for some down-to-earth clarity. We’ve boxed it all up, so this aromatherapy gift set is ready to clear the air right out of the box.

A New Scent Dawns

For the aromatherapy buff who loves to mix it up, a Zum sampler pack makes an ideal gift. Think of these aromatherapy gift sets like chocolate samplers for your nose. The Zum Two for the Sink, One for the Stink gift set brings three scents to the guest bath — the perfect place to find out which one pulls the most duty. Someone who’s just beginning their journey into Zum aromatherapy would love a Scentsational Essentials Gift Pack with four of Zum top-sellers to awaken their senses. Or go for the Assorted You Pick Four pack for an aromatherapy gift you personalize by selecting a Zum Bar, Zum Wash, Zum Mist and Zum Body scent you’d like them to try. We’ve even included a Wee Gift Trio in soothing Lavender for their new bundle of joy.

For Serious Sniffers

When you’re gifting a serious aromatherapy lover, you have to think outside the Zum Bar. Our one-of-a-kind Frankincense and Myrrh Zum Aroma Stone is a stylish way to spread good scents throughout a home or office. The ceramic stone embossed with our Goat disperses drops of aromatherapy oil like so much goodwill. Our Zum Wood Balls and Zum Sachet are even more mobile, taking aromatherapy to the gym, car trunk, shoe rack — wherever bad smells hide. Give these unique aromatherapy gift sets to the sniffer who has everything and you’ll be olfactory friends forever.



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