Pit Pals: All-Natural Zum Lab Deodorants Are Friends For Your Skin.

We think armpits deserve more love. Soft, tender, and intimate, they’re the equivalent of James Taylor singing Kumbaya. Our underarms may not get as much attention as other parts of our bodies (like Tara’s dreamy eyes), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as special. So be careful what deodorants you use. We don’t want synthetic deodorants to be the pitfall of your pits.

Commercial Deodorants

• Many commercial deodorants contain nearly unpronounceable ingredients putting chemicals on our skin. Hormone disruptors (parabens), and carcinogens (aluminum chloride), triclosan, and artificial fragrances to name a few.

• Aluminum chloride is seen by many as a risk factor for producing breast cancer cells.

• These unhealthy ingredients can irritate skin and cause awkward itching in public that makes you look like you’re doing a weird animal mating call.

• Many synthetic ingredients clog pores to prevent sweat glands from doing their job.

Zum Lab All-Natural Deodorant

• Contains NO aluminum chloride, triclosan, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic ingredients.

• Doesn’t clog pores or leave greasy residue so your underarms can air out naturally.

  • Made with denatured alcohol and natural sea salt to kill odor-causing bacteria.

• Witch hazel in Zum Lab Spray Deodorant removes excess oil and moisture without being harsh on skin.

• Made with baking soda to neutralize odors.

• Also made with pure essential oils to make your underarms feel pitloose and fancy free.

KO the BO the all-natural way!