Lullaby Lavender 32 oz. Zum Baby Laundry Soap

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aromatherapy laundry soap for babies

So say hello to the culture of this NEW 32 oz. Laundry Soap club: coconut oil soap to lift stains, baking soda to remove odors, essential oils for a yummy scent, and veggie oils for fabric softening. And say goodbye to parabens, phosphates, and sulfates. Low-sudsing, highly concentrated, and great for high-efficiency machines.

  • Essential oils
  • Plant-Based ingredients
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Size 32 fl. oz.
what's inside? simple ingredients: Potassium cocoate (saponified 100% coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), essential oils and glycerin (vegetable).
Scent Floral
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