Smoothing, soothing, sweet Honey-Lavender is a pairing concocted with paradise on the brain. What could possibly be better than the delicious awesomeness of skin-loving goat’s milk, saponified with the hydrating glycerin left in the mix? Only the addition of honey, herbs and essential oils to give this bar its distinctly sweet-and-floral character.

Beginning at the beginning, goat’s milk contains fortifying healthy fats; Vitamins A, B, C and D; and other natural elements that keep your skin’s moisture barrier intact. Gently yet powerfully, it cleans away the dirt and kicks other nasties to the curb. The result? Soft, nourished skin. 

Besides all this, honey is yet another humectant, helping to seal in all those nutrients and moisture your skin craves. Its ooey-gooey sweetness is deliciously mingled with lavender’s aromatherapy powers, believed to promote calmness and wellness.

Let’s break it down and make it simple. Just do the math: Honey Sweetness + Almond Serenity = Honey-Almond Sweet Serenity. Now you’ve got the picture.



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