Lavender-Cedar 32 oz. Zum Clean Laundry Soap

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Plant-Based Cedar-Lavender Laundry Soap

Who knew a trip to the laundry room could feel exactly like a journey to another universe, one filled with aromatic cedar trees and soothing lavender flowers? That’s exactly what this amazing Zum Lavender-Cedar Laundry Soap does! This natural laundry soap sings a chorus of high notes and piles on the calming, woodsy, floral, fresh, and earthy vibes. Transformative and bewitching, this scent makes laundry day feel like an aromatherapy session.


Oh yeah, it also cleans your clothes. You can bust stains, banish odors, and refresh funk with this naturally scented laundry soap thanks to the unique blend of gentle, plant-based ingredients. A SOAP, not a detergent, this blend effectively cleans clothes while grounding your second skin with nature. Essential oils, coconut oil, and baking soda lay the foundation for this laundry day hero. It checks the parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals, and sulfates at the door. Low-sudsing, highly concentrated, and great for high-efficiency machines. Naturally cleans 32 loads.


What’s Inside

  • Potassium Cocoate (Saponified 100% Coconut Oil)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
  • Fragrance (Essential Oils)
  • Glycerin (Vegetable)



  • Lavender-Cedar
More Information
Size 32 fl. oz.
what's inside? simple ingredients: Potassium cocoate (saponified 100% coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), fragrance (essential oil) and glycerin (vegetable glycerin)
Scent Floral
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