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Holiday gifting can be a real kick in the jingle bells. You wanna get your special Zumbody the most thoughtful gift ever that they’ll actually use and is perfect in every way and snowflakes and sugarplums and baby angel farts etc., etc, etc.

Uh…yeah, right. Maybe in Norman Rockwell Rosy-Cheeks Purgatory.

This time of year is so ironically exhausting…we should be enjoying the nostalgia with our loved ones, not flippin’ out over what to buy and getting caught up in the craziness.

So make like the weather and chill. We did the work for you, alright? Here’s a Zum gift guide for every personality on your list. Because no one can resist all-natural aromatherapy awesomeness, not even your grumpiest giftee.

FOR THE OVERACHIEVER: Your Type-A tootsie could use the goat treatment. Treat them to the pampering they deserve with these stress-busting favorites.

Chakra Gift Pack


FOR THE DIVA: They’re fussy and high-maintenance, but you love ‘em anyway. Enable their vanity with goodies to satisfy any skincare junkie.

Zum Face Travel Pack

FOR THE COLLEGE KID: Spoil your adult-in-training with fun starter kits. Bonus: these gifts also serve as not-so-subtle reminders to shower and do their putrid laundry.

Lather Lovers

Two For the Sink

FOR MOM: You’ve given this lady a whole lotta grief, so butter her up with some bathtime bliss. She insists she doesn’t have a favorite kid, but this gift might make her think twice.

You Pick 6 

FOR DAD: Show your favorite dude Zum attitude…and no, we don’t mean rolling your eyes at his corny jokes. Instead, give Pops a lather he can’t refuse.

Dragon’s Blood

FOR…WELL, S**T, I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY LIKE: Fear not, these are our top-selling gifts.

Scentsational Essentials