While we have Batman to protect Gotham City, sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. Thankfully, Mother Nature has our back and produces a few of her own superheroes that are ready and waiting to fight illness and enhance beauty.

One of these superheroes is Sea Buckthorn. Born with special powers, the oil extracted from the Buckthorn berry provides a dose of au naturale healing that has been keeping people healthy and beautiful for centuries.

So, what exactly are the powers of this super-berry? Its biggest strength is its insanely high content of Omega-7, a healthy form of trans-fat, which serves as a powerful source of nourishment for the skin. Sea Buckthorn has the ability to speed up the healing process for burns, cuts, and other injuries. Just call it the Flash cure. Its anti-inflammatory nature makes it a great ally to the skin, keeping pesky pimples at bay. Not to mention its high vitamin content. Tell your skin to have no fear, Buckthorn is here.

Seriously though, Buckthorn is no Joker. We think this berry is such a badass, we want to share its Magik with you. So, with your skin’s best interest in mind, we devised the Sea Buckthorn Serum in the Zum Lab.