tea tree2

Put on your party panties!

Five years ago, we wanted to prove tea tree essential oil is powerful, so we did a little experiment involving the lifespan of three raw chicken breasts. One breast sat in a container of water, one sat in a container of tee tree oil, and one sat in an empty container. The breast in the empty container started to spoil after a few days, with maggots taking over by the end of the second week (if you want to see for yourself checkout our youtube video…warning, not for the faint of heart). The breast in water followed closely behind, rotting within two weeks. The breast in tea tree oil, well, it’s just that—a breast in tea tree oil—and is still going strong. It’s on display in the Zum factory and has been here so long it’s hard to imagine factory life without it.

We’re thinking about dabbling in another tea tree essential oil experiment. If you have any ideas, email or message us on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do.

Tea tree oil is pretty fascinating, which is why we use it in a variety of our products. We have a Tea Tree-Citrus Zum Bar, Zum Clean Laundry Soap and Counter Cleaner, Zum Rub, and it’s in Zum Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner. If tea tree essential oil is powerful enough to keep our chicken breast from rotting for five years, imagine the power it will have on dirty clothes, countertops, and skin.