Lavender Zum Hand Soap Refill

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Zum Hand Soap Refill

Why We Love It:

These super-sized suds are filled with skin-loving, hydration highs. Each bottle is 32 oz, almost 3 times the size of our normal Zum Hand Soap bottle. It's the perfect way to be kind to your skin and the planet. Made from plant oils turned into filth-fighting soap, these ingredients are sourced from nature to create an aromatic, premium lather that amps up the ordinary. 


Mojo Makers:

  • Natural Plant Oils - Olive, coconut and castor oils carry next-level hydration.
  • Essential Oils - Boost moods morning, noon, and night.
  • Salt - Naturally thickness to deliver the perfect viscosity.
  • Water - Nature’s best mixer and preservative-free.


Scent Profile: Floral and calming, lavender sweetly soothes the senses whether you’re going to bed or finding a chill moment during a busy day.

More Information
Size 32 fl. oz.
Scent Floral
what's inside? simple ingredients: water, olive oil, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide*, fragrance (essential oils), castor oil, sodium chloride (salt) *None remains after oils are saponified into soap and glycerin.
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