Welcome to the Wild, a land of beasts both small and large. Though said species are thoroughly and irreversibly Wild, we’ve grown quite attached to them. Take a minute to learn about these magnificent creatures and you’ll see why. Below please find a Field Guide for identifying our canines.


BUDDY: Large, slender adult male collie. Slow-moving and hard of hearing; one must clap and shout “C’mon, Bud!” and the wild Buddy will move toward the sound. When the wild Buddy approaches, be prepared to show him some love. Thrives on cuddling and butt rubs; of the “clingy” genus. Adores people, and uses his big brown eyes and snuggability as a manipulation tactic. It is very effective.


MYRRHY: The wild Myrrhy is an ideal Goldilocks size between Sheltie and Collie; if he was a Starbucks cup size, he’d be “Grande.” Almost unreasonably soft and fluffy, with a widdle face so precious, one feels compelled to baby-talk to it. Sweet in both appearance and personality, though his sassy side emerges from time to time. Myrrhy is aware of his adorableness, and doesn’t need to be reminded, thank you very much.


GINGER: With her beautiful caramel-creme fur and long elegant nose, the wild Ginger is the enigmatic artist of her pack. Loves cuddling in cozy little spaces, doing her own thing, and being charmingly quirky in general. An old-fashioned type of girl; one must earn her trust before approaching. Fellas, take note.

Cher 009

CHER: One might refer to the wild Cher as an “alpha female”, or in colloquial terms, a “diva.” Though miniscule in size with a fabulous blue merle hairdo, her personality hardly fits inside her petite frame. Sassy is an understatement; feisty does no justice in describing this boisterous specimen. Though outspoken, Cher is loyal to pack members worthy of her trust. Beautiful and fierce – in the Beyonce kind of way.


KOOPA: Smart, petite, jet black, and oh-so-quiet, Koopa is the ninja of the Indigo Wild pack. Along with his sister Jasmine, likes to forage for food in the garbage; one man’s trash is this pup’s treasure. Sweet in demeanor, Koopa will gladly give one kisses on one’s face, but it’s wise to check that he hasn’t snacked on any garbage lately.


JASMINE: Koopa’s sister and partner-in-crime. Identifiable for her square head and wider-set eyes. More of a lone wolf; keeps watch on the stairs for anyone dropping treats. Like her brother, has large, cute ears that remind one of Yoda.

DAISY: The wild Daisy is an unconventional beauty who knows exactly what she wants out of life: leisure. Much like the honey badger of legend, Daisy don’t give a s–t. Petite but dense, you will hear the wild Daisy’s respiratory noises before you see her. That is, if she’s actually up moving and not reclining in the sun warming her rotund little belly. This one’s a pistol alright.