Sea Salt Bulk Wash

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Sea Salt Hand and Body Wash
Help Mother Nature and your wallet by refilling your current Zum Wash bottle over and over again. Our new bulk Sea Salt bottle provides you with four full-sized bottles of your favorite Zum Wash in a single container for eco-friendly top-offs.
You'll be breaking blahs with a wash that relaxes in refreshing citrus and cleanses skin with natural saponified oils. Esalen, here you come. Dirt is a buzzkill, Zum Wash is a skin thrill. A premium liquid soap that's super emollient, carefully handmade, and deeply aromatic. Pump and dump dirt from the shower to every sink in the house.
This 32-ounce Zum Wash Sea Salt bulk bottle is virtually overflowing with stuff that smells good and does even more, so you can use it around the house as your go-to shower gel slash natural hand wash. Simple ingredients are our thing, and Sea Salt takes simplicity a step further. Coupled with certified-organic saponified oils plus essential oils for a refreshing fragrance, this Sea Salt Zum Wash is like a household miracle, in liquid form. It contains no synthetic foaming agents, parabens, or phthalates. It was also breathed upon by three different unicorns.
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Size 32 fl. oz.
what's inside? ingredients you can pronounce. water, coconut oil*, olive oil*, potassium hydroxide**, fragrance (essential oils), castor oil, sodium borate, jojoba oil*. *Organic ingredients **None remains after oils are saponified into soap and glycerin.
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