Lullaby Lavender Zum Baby Rub

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goat's milk and shea butter moisturizer for dry skin

As if you needed another reason to touch and caress your baby, Zum Wee Rub Lullaby Lavender Baby Moisturizer makes skin-to-skin even better. Wee Rub is ideal for itty-bitty bodies and tiny heinies, because we all know dryness are par for the parenting course. But Zum Wee Rub from Indigo Wild helps us remember why the idiom “as soft as a baby’s bottom” exists. Using a perfectly balanced, well-harmonized medley of certified-organic oils, natural beeswax, goat’s milk, and essential oils, this gentle baby lotion soothes away dryness. Oh, and it features a super-soothing lavender aroma to help calm baby (and maybe mom and dad) into a state of joyous bliss.
  • Essential oils

  • Plant-Based ingredients
  • More Information
    Size 2.5 oz.
    what's inside? simple ingredients: Certified organic sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, beeswax (natural, not refined or bleached), carnauba wax, certified organic shea butter, goat's milk, bulgarian lavender oil, & vitamin E.
    Scent Floral
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