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Overpowered by funk?

Life is messy, but that’s what keeps things interesting. It’s fun to get filthy, and even funner to get Zum clean afterward. Yeah, yeah, we know “funner” isn’t a word.

So if you were up all night to get funky, or just wanna get so fresh and/or so clean-clean enough to not be a complete social Outkast, you’ll give a spritz about this news: your squirtable superhero, Zum Mist, is now available in Tea Tree-Citrus. This mashup of herbaceous bass and tangy treble is so groovy, you might find yourself dirty dancing just to get clean again.*

We sorta freak out whenever we get our mitts on a natural ingredient that works wonders for wellness, and can thus be infused into our products. One of these aromatherapy all-stars is tea tree, and we love it not only for its grassy, grounding scent, but also for its bevy of benefits. We’re down with T.T.C. in Zum Rub, Bar, Laundry Soap, and Countertop Cleaner…not to mention the several other goodies we juice up with this mean green healer.

Because who says you can’t find love in the shrub? Harvested from Australia, tea tree contains natural antiseptic properties, so it cleans up grime scenes without scary synthetics or creepy chemicals a la mainstream household products. It’s merciless to muck, but gentle on bodies. Alas, ye might be sorely vexed now that sniffle season approacheth, but fear not: Tea Tree-Citrus Zum Mist will go medieval all up on your doorknobs, handles, or any other loathsome germ-fortress. Just shake and shoot for fresh whiffs to boot. It’s great for gnarly showers, tubs, or sinks when your bathroom stinks. And hey, you can even tea tree-ify your own pits or feet when you don’t have time to shower…or if you just don’t feel like it, because we all have those days. That’s exactly why we’re here, dear. No one will ever know how lazy BUSY you are.

And this is important, folks: we only use all-natural pure essential oils, so you’re getting real tea tree and real citrus with every squirt. No synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or fake green coloring. And we test it on our own smelly selves, not cute little critters.

*PLEASE, for the good of humanity, post a video of yourself dancing with Tea Tree-Citrus Zum Mist to our Facebook page. But, like, keep your pants on. But, also, by all means, do NOT be afraid to shake what your mother gave you. We are 700% serious.

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