Zum Lab Must Buster Aromatherapy Mist

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Aromatherapy Room and Body Spray

Zum Lab Must Buster Aromatherapy Mist from Indigo Wild helps banish funky vibes just about anywhere. Spray away fast food smells in your car, sneaker stink in your gym bag, musty secrets in your closet, and more with this phosphate-free air-clearing superhero.

It’s no secret that life gets a little stinky sometimes. Zum is always sniffing out new ways to bring a fresh perspective to stale air, and this aromatherapy mist gets it right on the nose.

Made with just three ingredients — water, essential oils and plant-based vegetable glycerin — the Zum Lab Must Buster Mist clears the air so that clearer auras can prevail. You can even spritz your favorite hoodie, your day-old hair, or your sweaty kicks to keep the party going until laundry day. Or use it as a body spray for a scent of clarity in confusing times. Whichever way you use the Zum Lab Must Buster Aromatherapy Mist, you’ll catch a breath of fresh air with every pump.

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what's inside? simple ingredients: water, fragrance (essential oils), glycerin
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