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Stop by the Zum Factory for Sniffs and Whiffs of all things Zum.

Pick up a Zum Bar to lather up with your Lovey or Zum Bum

for a little derrière repair. We may even have a few sneak peeks of

what's up our sleeves with new Zum products! If you're all stocked up on Zum

we'll still be here if you want to drop by to chat, deliver cookies, or give us a hug. 




We have a chi factory in the Crossroads of Kansas City. A place where our process is more like recess - sans monkey bars, tether balls and jungle gyms.

A place where we can skip to my Lou and bust out the juju. A place that is laced with sage blessings from ceiling to floor, mixing room to front door.

And rest assured, you'll find that no machines are harmed in the making of our products.

Visit our retail shop where we sell all Zum goodies, Zum Lab products you can't find in stores and deals on Zum Bar Soap end cuts.


3125 Wyandotte Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64111