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TODAY'S Dirty 30 Deal: You-Pick-Three Goat's Milk Soap Zum Bars For $13.50.

Interested in selling Zum in your store?

Thanks so much for sniffing out Indigo Wild! We're Jazzed you're interested in selling Zum. Please be aware there is a $300 minimum on opening orders and $1,500 minimum annual spend to remain an active wholesale customer. And don't forget to fill out a Tax ID Form!  

Though we don't take ourselves too seriously, we are serious about our values. Indigo Wild is passionate about our retailers sharing our all-natural good vibes. We do not currently sell wholesale to:

  • consignment stores
  • nail salons
  • tanning salons
  • kiosks
  • booths
  • blogs
  • P.O. Boxes